Elizabeth Luque, also known as Liz Luque, was born and raised in Los Angeles California. For some, Los Angeles is just a regular city but to her it lived up to its name, the true City of Angels. The city’s hard exterior with its twist of its bright glitz and glamour is what helped developed Liz Luque into Madam Fancy.

At such a young age, Liz had an advantage in which she knew what her heart and passion was, fashion, and she was driven to make a difference in the industry. Whether it was modeling or designing, Liz had a certain “Je ne sai quoi” about her that had everyone calling her miss Madam Fancy. Her career started off as a model and she never thought that she would be considered as a designer. She had walked in various high fashion runway shows and was continuously booking shows all over the country. Liz felt like she had her whole life and world under control, traveling for shows, creating her own style and designing her own clothes, popular amongst her peers, and already impacting those around her. She was on top of the world and was ready to enter college and dominate. 

Liz attended Cal State Northridge University and in her first semester of college, that was when her life took a twist. The life in which she felt like she had all under control had then turn to a life left for chance. Liz Luque was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 17 and her world how she knew it was shaken up. She went from strutting her stuff down a runway to having to go through intense chemotherapy and being paralyzed. The love from her family and friends gave her the strength to keep on fighting. Liz was determined to not let her weaknesses overpower her strengths and wanted to stay focus on the positives around her. Although her light for pursuing a modeling careered dimmed when she was diagnosed, Liz never gave up in her passion for fashion. Her friends and family would bring her fashion books and magazines and during treatment Liz would study the current trends create her own designs and dream of ideas she could make but all she could do is draw them out. Thanks to her positive attitude her belief in god and of course all the chemo therapy, Liz was able to beat it! She realized then that she wanted to inspire the kids that she bonded with while being hospitalized. She wanted to show them how “you can go from being sick and insecure to feeling healthy and beautiful again in no time”. A nightmare turned into a blessing in disguise and Liz without realizing it found her calling.

After battling such a fight, Liz was more determined to conquer the world not only in fashion but she felt like she was given a second chance to be an inspiration to kids and women around the world. In 2006 once she was in remission she started exercising again and getting in shape to do pageants to prove her point. That is when she created her first swimsuit because she wanted something that would stand out to win the title of Miss Honduras USA. At that moment MADAM FANCY came alive, Liz began designing swimsuits for herself and they were all such hits that she was getting requests to design suits for females around her. She focused her designs to be custom, so no matter what shape height size you are her suits were made to fit your body and feel secure and proud of who you are.